dmppicHello all of you fabulous peeps that inhabit this beautiful planet, I would like to personally welcome you all to my new website.On this site I will be starting a new journey of discovery as I have just recently left the traditional job world and have embarked on a path to start a home based business.  I will be sharing my progress as I move along, as well as sharing some tips with you all on how you may get started, that is, if this is type of life that may  interest you???   I must say that I have never had such a WORLD CONQUERING FEELING OF EXCITEMENT AND FREEDOM as when I recently made the decision to become my own boss.  My home business is a network marketing company and it is a fantastic business model, I get the opportunity to connect with others and help them become successful…what a phenomenal way to help and serve others while building a business.  I am learning the skills that I need through a great program called Go90Grow…which is geared specifically to make a network marketer successful.  I am offering some FREE skills for anyone that is thinking about getting started or if you need some help in your existing networking business…You can sign in and get started on the right side of this page.

I just recently completed a six month course called “The Master Key Experience”  This started out for me as a six month course, but has turned into a lifelong journey for me.  The MKE is definitely a life-changer…If you are interested in reading about my journey, Please click on the “MASTERKEY” tab up at the top of this page and enjoy…There is also a place to request the 7 days to a new you, another gift from me to you and it is a life changing exercise.

Thank You for visiting me today…

I bid you Peace, Love, Happiness and Kindness…God Bless.